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Fermented Wheat Germ Extract Spermidine 1% Powder

Product Name Spermidine Rich Wheat Germ Extract
Other names WGE; Fermented wheat germ extract; Fermented wheat germ powder (FWGP); SpermidineLife; N-(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-diaminobutane; Spermidine-enriched Wheat Germ Extract
Botanical source Triticum aestivum
Botanical family Poaceae
Plant part used Wheat germ
Active ingredient spermidine
CAS number 124-20-9
Molecular Formula C7H19N3
Molecular Weight 145.25
Specifications Spermidine powder 1%, custom content according to your requirement
Appearance/color White to yellowish powder
Benefits Anti-aging, longevity
Package 25kg/drum

Fermented wheat germ extract, often abbreviated to FWGE or FWGP (fermented wheat germ powder), is a concentrated extract made by fermenting wheat germs with yeast. Spermidine is the active ingredient for its main benefits. Wheat germ extract is derived from wheat kernel, and it’s the nutrient-rich embryo that has gone through a fermentation process.

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract VS Wheat Germ Extract

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) is the fermented version of wheat germ extract (WGE). Both FWGE and WGE contain high levels of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. The fermented process breaks down the complex compounds found in the wheat germ into simpler, more easily absorbable forms, which is believed to enhance the bioavailability and effectiveness of the nutrients found in the wheat germ. In addition, studies have demonstrated that fermentation is capable of producing potent bioactive compounds, like antioxidants and polyamines, which offer numerous health benefits.


The Fermented Wheat Germ Extract supplement is a potent, 100% natural cellular health product that is abundant in Spermidine, an organic anti-aging substance. The supplement form of spermidine has been promoted as having several potential health benefits, including:

 Boosting the cell renewal process

Spermidine has been shown to stimulate autophagy, a cellular process that helps to break down and recycle old or damaged cellular components. This process is crucial for maintaining healthy cells and can also help to slow down cellular aging.

Promoting healthy cellular aging and repair

Spermidine has been shown to have anti-aging effects by preserving cellular function and reducing oxidative stress. It may also help to support the repair of damaged DNA and promote healthy aging.

Supporting daily immune function

Spermidine has been shown to enhance the activity of immune cells and support daily immune function.

Supporting anti-aging and longevity

Spermidine has been shown to have a number of potential anti-aging effects, including reducing oxidative stress, preserving cellular function, and enhancing cellular repair processes. These effects may contribute to improved longevity and overall health in the elderly.

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